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June 21, 2013
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Listen to this while reading:…

It was a cold winter afternoon.
There sat the blonde boy,curled up against a wall,trembling violently.
"Why can't they see me?Why?"He whimpered quietly as fits of laughter erupted from downstairs.He slowly crawled out from his spot in the corner,peeking through the door only to see his parents laughing with some neighbors.He watched them intently as they ruffled the child's messy golden locks before them that had belonged to the quests.His purple eyes scanned their faces,filled with pride and joy at this boy..This boy that wasn't even their son!Rage coursed through his body as he stomped down the stairs furiously.The two adults whipped their heads only to see the child stomping down the stairs."L-Laura can you please take care of..him?"The man whispered to the brunette woman.She nodded,and stood up to walk over to him.

She walked up to him,not even glancing into those large hopeful purple eyes.
She lifted her knee and began to nudge him up the stairs,not even talking to him,just pushing him up the stairs as if she was demanding him to walk up.He could only stand there and let her push him up the steps with strong thrusts.He whimpered as she reconnected her knee with his ribs for the last time,finally at the top of the steps.She didn't talk to him or look at him,nothing.Just slapped him and walked back down the stairs to her husband already back to making small talk and calling the child "sport".Tears rolled down his cheeks as he rubbed the swollen spot on his cheek.

Days had passed with this behavior coming from not just his mother,but both of his parents.He would wake up in the morning and lift himself from the cold wood floors weakly and walk downstairs to ask his mother for breakfast.All she would do was walk past him...
To drop off the neighbor's boy...
It sickened him to the core and hatred filled within him,yet somehow all he wanted was their affection.All he wanted was some recognition by his own parents.He still continued to love them even when they ignored him or walked past him briskly.He just couldn't come to hate them.

Even more days had gone by.
He would wake up with swollen eyes from crying himself to sleep and A growling stomach each morning.His hunger was past it's limit to the point where he had begun to pass out during the time his parents were out.They left him,abandoned him,neglected him,and yet..
He couldn't hate them
Because he so desperately craved their attention he would stay kind and loyal in hopes of gaining their affection.'Just one look..'He would plead in his mind each morning he greeted his mother.She would only smile at her husband,telling him to hurry up and they would leave.They wouldn't feed him nor would they wouldn't give him a bed to sleep in.

One day they had brought home the child that belonged to the neighbors.
He had been crying loudly as they struggled to carry him into the soundproof basement.He wondered what had happened as he sat by the doorway of his room peeking at them with curious violet eyes.

Finally a month had passed without food and his family just packed up and left with the neighbors son.They left him.They didn't even utter a goodbye to the poor child.They just sold the house,packed up their belongings,and left him.
all alone.
to die.
So many emotions bro.
APH/Hetalia-Himaruya Hidekaz
Canada: Victim of child neglect. Died of starvation.
This explains why nobody notices him.
Listen to this while reading - [link]
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Canada... My heart is literally breaking in sadness.
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Zoeytheunicorn Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  New member Hobbyist
Canada IS noticed, but not very often. France, America, England and Cuba are the only ones who ever noticed him. Japan might have noticed Canada, though. But this creepypasta is just a theory. I just believe that Canada doesn't stand out very well. I mean his bear (I forgot it's name) doesn't remember who his owner (Canada) is.
EnterHetaliaNameHere Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw a picture like this. 

There were others. One for each of the allies and axis, including Romano.
animechick2 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Plz Plz send a link id love to see them
EnterHetaliaNameHere Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw them on :iconfacebookplz: last. It'll be hell scrolling through my newsfeed to find them, but I'll see what I can do. ^_^

If you have a facebook, add me. I roleplay as Fem!Germany and my name is Monika Dostthouevenhoist Beilschmidt. I'll try to find those pics and make a post with them so I can tag you in 'em. :iconbigmeowplz:
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