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Submitted on
June 12, 2013
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You're trying to make me suffer by making me miss you,
aren't you?
I have a pretty good idea of what goes on in your head.
Let's get rid of all these speculations,
and kiss in the worst way possible.

You smile as he hugs you and step through his front door after a nice afternoon of pasta and red wine."I had fun Feli."You laugh and exit the house."Let's hang out again!"You shout and walk down the steps and across the sidewalk toward your house and away from his apartment flat.He stands there watching you leave,a frown on his face.He honestly didn't mind if you stayed over the night.He honestly didn't mind if you hugged him when you greeted him or cuddled with him on the couch.He didn't mind at all yet he wouldn't admit it.He sat there on the kitchen counter sipping a glass of wine casually.He would do that every time you weren't there.He would think about you and your smile,remembering every single detail of you.He missed you and,more than anything,it made him suffer.
If only he told you this time.

Then, I,
either white or black or something,
standing back-to-back with a nightmare,
will open my eyes at a voice echoing from deep under the sea.
I dampened myself with cold water, and then shook it off.
Even in these days with constantly on-going love tactics and setups,
I have an addiction to loving and being loved.

"So how are you?"You ask brightly at the dinner table of his apartment."Today was quite nice actually,America insisted we have a pizza party."He sighed and turned to face you,his dark auburn hair and violet eyes gleaming in the sunlight that shone through the curtains of the kitchen window.You laughed and took a sip of your wine."Well you know America!"You giggled once again as a corner of his lips lifted into a smile and his eyes relaxed."So what's going on with you?"He asks coolly,his eyes half lidded and his smile still in tact on his features."I'm thinking I should study abroad,And visit England y'know?"You sigh and cross your legs under the table.His eyes widen at this."You're leaving?"He asks,his tone is a bit distant."I don't know,I hope though.I just have to give him the word and I'm gone!"You laugh,your smile brightening the atmosphere just an inch.He let's a soft breath escape his lips."That's great.I'm happy for you,really!"He laughs as you smile warmly and hug him like you usually do.

The fact I'm missing you is making me feel imprisoned.
I have a pretty good idea of what goes on in your head.
Let's get rid of all our bounds and limits,
and let the encroachment begin.

Finally you left.
And he watched you leave as always with a wave as the end of your coat followed after you in the breeze calling out for him to grab,yet he didn't. You walked down the concrete sidewalk.Why hadn't he told you anything?He should have grabbed you and whispered those oh so craved sweet nothings to you in your ear and told you how much he desired you.You wanted to hear those three little words that made your heart skip a beat.
"I love you."
You whispered the words as you stopped in your tracks.The words came out oh so quietly,As if you barely even spoke a single word.It was too painful to remind yourself much less say anything about it.You wanted him to say those things.Yet he didn't. How long would he do this?You needed him to do something now.You were giving him some time before saying yes to your teacher on studying abroad.You waited.

As the delicate distance between us begins to deform,
I'm on my mission to peek into that crevice.
I'll break in with my usual customary words.
So what? I do that all the time!
I am approaching my limit, but cannot seem to exceed it.
That's why today, once again,
I will sleep while getting lost in your intriguing attitude.

You walk into his house again with a fake smile.
"Hey~"You coo and hop onto the couch next to him.He groans and you giggle.He really doesn't mind,but refuses to tell you."Aw!Don't be mad!"You tease and hug his arm whilst rubbing your cheek against the fabric of his shirt.He growls and you fell the vibration of his throat.He really doesn't mind when you cling to him in all honesty.He just wants you to continue only to have you finally sit up and un-latch your arms from him and sit on the other side of the couch with another fake smile.You want to be close to him but he won't allow it.If only you hadn't started these silly antics in the first place.Maybe he would've he would have thought of you differently and took you seriously.Maybe he would have fallen in love with you."So..Shall we start the movie?"You ask.He awakens from his nap of shock and nods with a grunt hoping to hide his nervousness and grabs the remote.

It's 5 minutes till the end, and we have just about run out of things to say.
"See ya next week!" said you, casually.
However, I reached my hand to your swaying coat.

The movie ends and you stand up from the couch after checking your phone."Ah,Feli,I've gotta go."You sigh irritably with a roll of your eyes dramatically.He fakes a teasing smirk to hide his sorrow."I have to study,I'm leaving to Italy tomorrow."You say sadly.A long silence envelopes the two of you."Well I guess I'll be going!"You laugh nervously to hide the constant knives being stabbed at your throbbing heart."Alright then.."He whispers."bye!"You shout."bye."He replies with a smirk playing on his lips to hide the torture of the gunshots being fired at his swollen heart.You smile once again,your feelings reflecting in each other's eyes."See ya next week!"You tease with a laugh and swing the door open and walk out immediately to hide your frustration and tears.The end of your grey trench coat following after you as you leave.His eyes widen and he runs after you in the cold,grabbing a fistful of the fabric and pulling it until you land in his chest and he embraces you.

And then,

He hugs you,burying his face in your shoulder as silent tears roll down your freezing cheeks and rain begins to pour profusely from the grey skies."F..Feli..?"You whisper between sniffles.He hugs you tighter as the water comes in contact with your bodies,eventually drenching the two of you in the pure liquid.He turns you around to face him as more tears spill from your eyes like the rain."Ti Amo."He tells you,his violet orbs probing into your _______ ones.You begin to sob,your cries becoming louder and louder as the rain falls harder.You fall into his arms and wipe away your tears to meet his eyes once again."Ti amo troppo.."He breaths huskily and you smile."I love you too.."

Don't make me suffer by making me miss you,
would you?
In the end, it is you, not me,
who have had a good grasp of the situation.
Let's get rid of the locks,
and kiss in the most heavenly way possible.

T  H  E   ~   E  N  D
IT'S FINALLY FINISHED!!!!!!!!:icontobylaughplz:
This was made for a writing challenge.
This is for you my shiznit:
Writing Challenge List-[link]
Hatsune Miku/VOCALOID-:iconcryptonplz:
Doesn't Hetaloid 2p Italy sound so smexy?:iconfrenchsquealplz:
I love his version!
CIAO MADAFAHKAHS:iconohoho-plz:
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kittykatrocks12 Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw how cute I Love this
i love da photo it's just like
:icon2pitalyplz:      "i got this new gun and i was just wondering if i could know..... shoot some SOME people not all some, i promise i will keep them headshots so they won't feel a thing PLEASE"
BlueLight01 Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awwwwww I love bittersweetness!!!!!!!!
Kya! I love it too~!<3
*ahem* :iconbegplz: *raises hand slowly* I have a question.
:iconeweplz: Why're you so awesome?
In all honesty I'm not at all awesome ^^;
I'm grumpy, Sharp tongued, rude, loud, over-reactive, messy, lazy, and alone.
But thank you for being awesome and saying that I am awesome, even though I am indeed not at all awesome in many ways ^^;
:O But you are awesome! I don't care that you're grumpy. I find sharp-tongued and rude interesting and tend to be around those type people anyways. I'm loud too AND I DON'T CARE~ ^_^ Everyone calls me a drama queen. :P A lot of people I know are messy and lazy, so it seems normal to me. .-. And you're not alone, because you have everyone who watches you and all your friends and family~

:iconyayitalyplz: :iconyay2pitalyplz: :iconyayromanoplz:
Aw thank you so much! This comment really made my day :'D
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